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Frequently Asked Questions

School Certification
Simplify CE, LLC is an Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services approved distance continuing education provider and our courses are designed and delivered according to state requirements.

Our Course Format
Our online continuing education process emphasizes ease of use and speed by delivering your courses through your web browser. Following purchase of your courses, a username and password will be emailed to you giving you access to your courses.

Technical Requirements
Chrome is the recommended browser but as long as you're using the updated version of your preferred browser, you shouldn't have any problems.

    Passing Scores
    Wisconsin requires a 70% or higher grade on in course assessments to earn a passing grade

    License Renewal Dates

    The license renewal date for Wisconsin is on the 14th of December every even numbered year

    Steps to Renew 
    Find the details below.

    Continuing Education Requirements 
    All Wisconsin licensees are required to complete 18 (12 Mandatory 6 Elective) hours of continuing education to renew their license every two years.

    Completion Certificates
    Certificates are emailed to students following course completion or can be downloaded directly of the course platform.

    Reporting Responsibilities
    The Licensee is responsible to provide evidence of their completed continuing education during the renewal process and will be prompted to upload your course completion certificates.  

    100% Money Back Guarantee 
    Whether it's with our product, website or service, we want you to have a great experience. If at any point we don't meet your expectations, we will be happy to refund you whatever percentage of the enrollment fee you feel appropriate. In addition, a refund request has no bearing on our processing of your course completion certificates. If a course is completed, we will gladly issue the certificate, even if a full refund is requested.

    CE Requirements

    All Wisconsin salespersons are required to complete the following:

     - 18 Hours of continuing education by a state approved provider broken down by

    1. 12 hours of mandatory courses
    2. 6 hours of elective courses

    Steps to Renew

    The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services has done a fabulous job of simplifying the process for your License renewal. There are only a few steps to take to complete the process

    1. Complete your continuing education (18 hours every even year)
    This includes both 12 hours of mandatory courses and 6 hours of elective courses
    2. Complete your online renewal application
    - Login to your account on Wisconsin's LicensE platform and complete the step by step guide.


    We are always happy to help in any way we can. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you need help with your license renewal.