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Brand Positioning

August 19, 2022


Brand positioning. 

What is it, why is it important, and how can you simply achieve a solid position amongst your competitors?

As it sounds, brand positioning is the task of creating an offer and/or image that will secure a set place in your target market’s mind. When your target market sees, hears, or thinks of the product you offer, do they think of you? If not, it’s time to change that. 

Whether you’re a real estate agent with a specific niche of homes you list to sell, an investor securing real estate of specific sizes and amenities, or an Air BNB owner that takes pride in a specific offering, you should be working towards setting your company and/or brand apart from the competition. 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of companies that have really nailed the brand positioning!

When you think of facial tissue, which brand do you most likely think of?

If you want a fizzy beverage, are there certain brands you ask for?

How about coffee? If you’re looking for a quick cup of Joe, is there a specific brand you think of while you’re out and about?

Looking for a movie but don’t want to leave your house? What brand do you think to turn to first?

I’m sure you’ve got answers to all of the above, and hopefully these examples are helping to make it clearer to you how important brand positioning is. 

Though some answers may differ depending on your location (Tim Horton’s vs. Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Starbucks for example), it’s safe to say one or two brands clearly stick out in your mind when you think of these products. 

So, now that we know what a brand positioning is and have seen examples of some great brand positionings, how do we achieve it?

Well, you know us, and you know our goal is to simplify! Follow these five simplified steps to develop your brand positioning. 

  • First, what is your key product? Let’s figure this out!
  • Of all the services or products you offer, what’s the main one you want to be known for? This could be the one product that will generate you the most income, the one you are most passionate about, or the one that easily stands out from your competition. 

  • Second, why do people need this in their life? What do your customers have to want, in order to desire your product, or what needs do they have, which your products or services will fulfill?

  • Third, how will you, or your products/services plan to give those individuals what they need? What do you provide that will match what these individuals are looking for?

  • Fourth, what is the end result from the use of your company, brand, products, or services? What will the customer or client achieve with these? Also, how will the use of these make them feel?

  • Lastly, put it all together! Once you have established each of the four limbs of the brand positioning above, put it all together into one beautifully simplified brand statement, and share it with us!
  • Your simplified brand statement should look something like this:

    [Our company, brand, product] has been created for those who [specific need, want, desire, etc.]. [Our company, brand, product] is intended to fulfill this by [how will you provide and fulfill the service] and leave the client feeling [feelings and other achievements]. 

    For example:

    Simplify CE has been created for those who need to complete their Real Estate Continuing Education and want to do so in a simplified manner. Simplify CE is intended to fulfill this by providing simple, quality education to meet the professional’s needs with A+ service and without any unnecessary fluff, to leave the professional feeling relief during their stress-free renewal. 

    Simplifying Marketing has been created for those who are seeking a professional branding and marketing campaign, without the overwhelm or high cost. Simplifying Marketing is intended to assist those needing these services by breaking down the aspects that are necessary for a successful branding and marketing campaign, and providing simplified step-by-step actions to brand themselves successfully in little time. Our hope is to leave our clients feeling branded and successful, as their company establishes brand awareness. 

    Now that you’ve learned the simple 5 step process and seen a couple real life examples, it’s your turn to take a shot at your brand positioning. 

    Be sure to establish your primary product and emphasize how that product will help your market. 

    We’d love to see what you’ve come up with, and offer a little help along the way. Feel free to send your brand positioning statement to with a subject of: Simplifying My Brand Positioning and we will provide feedback and suggestions to get you well on your way of stepping in front of your competitors!

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