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Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips

June 06, 2022

Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips

We recently posted a blog explaining some ins and outs of branding and its benefits to your business. Today, we want to talk about some of the marketing tips and tricks to best utilize your time in marketing. 

Let’s start with social media marketing. Nearly everyone we know is on one social media platform or another, or some people are on several. If you’re looking to branch out into social media to market your business, here are a few tips to consider. 

  • First, be sure you are setting up your profile with all the pertinent information. Oftentimes people will leave off key information, and it’s crucial to ensure all the information is readily available for your potential clients. If the following information is available, be sure to include it on your pages:
  • Website
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Alternate accounts
  • Short bio
  • Specialization
  • Second, ensure your content is useful to those that you are trying to reach. Posting cooking tips while trying to engage buyers probably isn’t the best use of your time. Likewise, trying to post a home for sale on a food blog probably won’t reach the right audience, either. By posting consistently and using useful content to those that you are trying to reach, you’ll increase your chances of scoring a sale from one of your followers, or at minimum building your brand as an expertise in your field. 
  • Third, tag efficiently. When using social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, using proper hashtags is quite beneficial. Allowing those to view your posts by viewing related hashtags will help to expand your reach, increase engagement, build following, and strengthen your brand. When using tags, be sure to understand the type of tag you are using and how it reaches a variety of audiences. Location, trending, branded, and popular hashtags are the top categories to use.

  • Location tags will tell the audience where you are, or where you are promoting. Therefore, if you are trying to promote a home in Lakewood, you’d use the tag #lakewood and anyone viewing posts under #lakewood would also see your post. This is great to promote in specific locations. 
  • Trending tags are those that are highly viewed at this precise time. Trending tags will change with the seasons, specific times, or with other events that happen in the world, or your area. For instance, holiday tags often trend around those holidays, such as #independenceday #thanksgiving #newyear, or other events can cause trending tags such as #worldseries #metgala or other worldly issues. 
  • Branded tags are those branded to your business. These are great to use in all your posts so that they can click on one tag and view more posts of yours with that same tag. If your business name is unique, or you have a short, unique tagline, these make great branded tags. To use our company as an example, our name is Simplify CE. We could use tags such as #simplifyce in each post, or #simplifyconed, #simplifyingce, #simplece, or another variety of a branded tag. When someone sees one post of ours they liked, often from viewing another tag, they could click on the branded tag and view our businesses popular posts. 
  • Popular hashtags are those that are generally popular over the platform. These tags garner a lot of posts each day, and therefore may be harder to be seen on any of these tags. With that being said, one viral post with this tag could be worth adding them occasionally to your posts. If you time your posts correctly, using the popular hashtags could seriously pay off.