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Branding in Real Estate

May 04, 2022

Branding In Real Estate


Do you brand your business? Having brand recognition could be the difference between maximizing your career and just floating along. Check out our tips on how to begin the branding process (or expand on your current brand) to make the most of your career.


Are you branding your Real Estate business efficiently?

Your branding is what catches the eyes of your prospective clients, and either tells them they should want to work with you, or steers them away from your business altogether


Branding describes the features, such as the name, term, design, colors, logo, symbol, etc. that identifies a business or a product as distinct from others.


If you’ve never gone through the process of branding yourself or your business, you can do so yourself with a little research, or hire a designer to review your visions and help you achieve the brand that best fits you. A brand kit is usually an early step in the branding process and includes the colors, fonts, styles and perhaps the names or taglines you wish to use. If creativity is not your forte, it may be best to hire a professional designer - not only will it make the process easier and quicker, but the end product will also speak to your brand seamlessly.


Once you have your brand kit complete, there are many ways to use it. From websites to social media to email marketing, your brand should be clear in all correspondence you put out in the universe. Not only does this apply to all electronic communication, but also universal throughout any printed materials.


Now that you know what branding may consist of, let’s chat a little bit about where you can (and often should) use your new brand!


Your online presence should absolutely use your brand, universally. Whether you have a customized website, utilize the various social media platforms, share videos, or send emails, all of these contacts with your potential customers should boldly share your branding.


So, what are the most important aspects of a brand that you can implement today?

  1. Logo - There are companies that need no words, no colors, no taglines. Their logos are well known and recognizable immediately. Create a logo that speaks to your audience and represents you well.
  2. Colors - If you’ve never looked into branding colors, or never anticipated the color of a brand to be crucial, let me just share this article on Branding Colors by 99designs. It tells you all about the connection to colors and emotions and gives great examples of various businesses that utilize the color wheel.
  3. Fonts - Have you ever been trying to read text and the font just seems impossible to read? Sure, fancy fonts might be pretty, but you want to make sure the font is easy to read and comprehend. Don’t make your clients squint at the screen, or turn it around in awe, wondering what the font actually says. Clear and concise fonts can absolutely still be branded to fit your niche.
  4. Verbiage & Wording - We each have our own style of talking. Just as you can oftentimes tell the origin of an individual by their accent, we each have our own style of talking and communicating. As such, our business should as well. The style of verbiage we use, as well as the wording and communication, becomes part of our brand. If you have several people working on your marketing materials, be sure they are aware of the verbiage and wording style you wish to use for your business.
  5. Differentiation - What sets you apart from the competition? Without having clear differentiation, you’re going to blend in with the rest. Do you put out one of a kind snacks for open houses? Are you known for telling dad jokes to lighten the mood? Did you commit some sort of faux pas that has stuck with you throughout your career that people know you by? These differentiating factors can be part of your brand as well and help you stand out from the competition.  



We would be amiss if we share all the positives about branding and fail to include some of the most common mistakes seen in the industry. If you’d like to avoid some of these costly mistakes, read on to familiarize yourself with a few of the pitfalls to avoid when you are branding.

  1. No authentic brand identity. Sure, you can create a brand that seems, to you, to be the mother of all brands. It’s snazzy, bright, eye-catching, and sure to reel in the clients. But, it’s not authentic. You’ll struggle to live up to the brand as it won’t come naturally, and certainly you’ll come to find the brand is not who you are. Instead of having to adjust your brand down the road, ensure you are starting off with a brand identity that is authentic and natural.
  2. Not providing a quality brand. Piggybacking off the inauthentic brand identity, we should also address an inadequate quality brand. Just as you cannot fake an inauthentic brand, you also cannot create a cheap brand and expect it to be quality. If you just slap a few things together and hope it sticks, there’s a chance that a generic brand will not look like the luxurious brand you are aiming for. Take the time to create a quality brand that will stick with you for many years to come.
  3. Not creating a genuine connection with your clients. So you’ve got the quality brand and you’re starting to reach out to your clients, but your connections with them continue to fall short. This could be because you are not creating a genuine connection with them, and instead continue to just push for the sale. If you need help creating connections, we suggest you find a good content strategy that helps you add genuine connections to your marketing.
  4. Not utilizing the full potential of the free publicity on the world wide web. The internet is a powerful place when it comes to marketing your business. Most people nowadays turn to the internet, social media, and search engines to seek what they are looking for. The best news? Most of these platforms are free to promote your business. Having a solid brand identity and sharing that across a smart variety of these free platforms can help grow your business exponentially!


And with that, we will leave you with just a few more articles that we find enormously beneficial to branding, marketing, and more!