Top 10 Real Estate News Sites

Top 10 Real Estate News Sites

Top 10 Real Estate News Sites

It is important in this day and age to keep up with the latest trends to stay on top of your game, this is especially true in the ups and downs of real estate. Although we here at Simplify CE can provide you with the latest in continuing education courses, we will leave the latest Real Estate News to those focused on providing the most pertinent information.  Because checking in on the current real estate news is important, here we will provide you with out personal 10 favorite real estate news outlets in no particular order:

Inman:Starting off is one of the more obvious ones and one you just can’t leave out of a list like this. Inman is known to be the leading outlet of tech news in the real estate world and provides tons of content. There is one slight downside to this site; most of the content is under their subscription format, However, at a low price of $99 per year, it is well worth the cost.


HousingWire: Another go-to in the world of real estate news, HousingWire doesn’t focus on one area of the industry but has articles from a wide spectrum of topics and perspectives. Be it new and upcoming regulations, market rate fluctuations, information on funding opportunities, or their own opinion pieces, this site will have information on whatever it is you may be interested in.

Business Insider - Real Estate An important part of real estate is to get an idea of how investment strategies work and the ongoing trends around it.Business Insiders Real Estate section is a good place to check from time to time to keep up with the current market trends and get advice on how everything is developing.

The Notorious ROB: A new up-and-coming real estate podcaster/blogger is The Notorious ROB. Although mainly an opinion outlet for the real estate industry through his podcast and site will help you delve into some of the political ends of NAR as well as the bigger trends going on in the industry including the cutting edge use of “big data” in the real estate game.

Dwell: Whether you’re an agent, investestor, or just looking for a new home, it's important to know what the new and upcoming home design trends are. That is exactly what Dwell brings to the table and can keep you up on all the beautiful new ways to add decor to your home or take it a step further with remodeling ideas. Making sure you know these trends can help you touch base with the market as well as giving you ideas for your own homes or investment properties to give them that new appeal.

The New York Times: Although you may not think to get any insights from the New York Times about real estate, they have an extensive range of information in their real estate section. From information on the best ways to buy and sell homes, touching on decor and decorating, market trends, and even information to help you get insights about the market in other countries, the Times has a little bit of everything to keep you informed.

CRETech:  Another outlet that covers the technology that is becoming integrated with the real estate industry is CRETech. Mainly focusing on their own blogs and ebooks to help you understand and create your own content marketing, they also have a vast database on hand of real estate technology companies and products. They even host their own convention at various locations throughout the year to get that in-person hands-on view of their resources. This is a site I’m sure we have all heard of, since it is one of the largest listing sites available. What you may not know is that they are also a host for market news, buyer and seller guides, insights into financing, as well as an annual forecast to help get predictions of the coming highs and lows in the market.

National Real Estate Post: Touching a bit on our last selection that we haven’t mentioned yet: the financing side of real estate. This site leans more towards the video blog side of things, but it gives insights on real estate financing trends, how governmental actions impact it, and the infamous Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Mashvisor: Perhaps my favorite of all the blog sites, Mashvisor offers an almost one stop shop on whatever real estate information you could hope to find. New to investing and need insight into good strategies? They have it! Best cities and states to invest in? Covered! Tips and tricks to help invest? They have that too. Along with market predictions, analytics, and even giving you an avenue to the best tools to start investing, this site is a one stop shop.

There you have it, our 10 favorite sites to get all the news and information you need to keep up with the hectic twists and turns of the real estate market. With this information in your hands, not only can it help you become a better broker and agent, but help you get an understanding of the whys and hows of the investor’s and buyer’s (you or someone else) mindset when it comes to their purchases on the market.

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