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The Importance of Downtime

July 26, 2022

The Importance of Downtime


We all know that the world of real estate is a go go go environment, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take some time out of your week for some much needed downtime. Constantly being active with your marketing availability and scheduling is very important to your over sales as an agent but did you know that without proper relaxation and breaks from your work that you are compromising your own productivity? In the next few paragraphs we will discuss why relaxation is important and how to go about getting that much needed time away from your work.


There are two big players that are also loosely related when it comes to productivity loss, too much stress and sleep deprivation. As you may already be aware, an increase in stress can also cause a decrease in your sleep, so only fixing one of these two issues just won’t work to make sure you are being as productive as possible in your work environment. We won’t touch too much on the true health detriments that these two factors can bring but being aware that there is a wide range of issues that can arise between both physical and mental health problems.


So why do you want to improve these two factors in your life to help boost your work productivity? Well mainly that answer boils down to mental acuity, stress and a lack of sleep both can lead to a lack of creativity, the ability to concentrate and stay focused, as well as increasing one's irritability and frustration with the work at hand. These all then can lead to mistakes that can affect your overall sales and bottom line.
















We believe that the easiest way to correct both these issues is as easy as scheduling. Of course this sounds simple enough and you may be asking what exactly are we scheduling and why? Well all sorts of things and for all sorts of reasons but let's start simple first and by restricting your overall work day and week. Perhaps the biggest reason to limit your working hours and have a schedule is sleep. Did you know that the National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 - 9 hours of sleep each night, while over 1/3rd of Americans average less than 6! Lack of sleep can lead to many ailments but when it comes to your work it becomes difficult to maintain focus and attention which will clearly lead to errors.


If you think to yourself, well lack of sleep can’t be that big of a deal in my own day to day work take a look at this statistic. On top of loss of work productivity, add in the health care costs associated with sleep deprivation an individual can be a loss of almost $2000 a year and costing the U.S. economy in general almost $140 billion dollars a year. Whether you are an individual agent working for yourself or leading a brokerage of many agents, it can add up quickly and take out your bottom line.


As you can see this can become a problem and leads back to our discussion about scheduling, making sure you are giving yourself enough time to get into a productive sleep pattern can lead to major profitability boosts. Many agents do a lot of work outside normal office hours and from their home, so it's important to be aware of this fact and make sure you limit your at home work time as well. Once you get this schedule going and get your sleep pattern in check it will also help you with the other factor in all this: Stress.



No matter what you do, even if you love your job, there will always be times when you have to deal with the stress of work. Too much stress build up has the same diminishing qualities as a lack of sleep, loss of focus, attention, and an overall dissociation to the work you are doing. Just like sleep deprivation these things will cost you productivity and profitability in your work life.


How do we manage the stress in your work (and personal) life? Why by the same method we fix your lack of sleep, by scheduling! When it comes to your day to day work hours it's important to set yourself time to get away from your desk, even if it's only for small short periods of time a quick 10-20 minutes away every few hours can have a huge impact on your stress levels. Making sure you have a way to get away from work and not think about your job after hours is also important, having a hobby or hobbies that you enjoy gives you that mental break up you need. Along those lines exercise can play a huge factor in your stress levels so scheduling even a few half hour sessions each week to work out can make a positive impact. There is one other thing that is highly recommended to reduce your work stress that needs to be scheduled and that of course is everyone's favorite vacations! Setting away some time to get away from everything for a week or two, or even just an extended weekend is shown to have huge benefits.


So with that being said to manage your stress and sleep levels it really comes down to making sure you schedule yourself into good habits. Once you do that even though you may feel like you are working less hours in the week you will end up seeing a huge boost in your productivity and soon after your sales and profitability as well.