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How to Obtain Your Real Estate License in Oregon

July 08, 2022

How to Obtain Your Real Estate License in Oregon




So you’ve decided to start your journey into real estate either as an addition to your current career or to make this your full time income. One of the first things anyone is going to need to know about getting your license is of course how much will this cost me to get and is it worth it? I’m here to help you with both those answers and can already tell you that the answer to the latter is that with a little dedication it is 100% worth the financial and time commitment.



There are three separate costs to obtaining your real estate broker license in Oregon: the biggest cost and time commitment is the educational content that you will have to take (and pass!). Oregon requires a broker licensee to take 150 hours of pre licensee courses and to pass the tests of the educational provider that you choose before you can officially apply and obtain your license. In this day and age it is most assuredly easier to go about getting this education through an online pre-licensing real estate provider, the list of these can be found on the state of Oregon's official website at State of Oregon: Get a License - Approved Pre-License Real Estate Schools.


If you notice after going through that link there are two main options for schools, local community colleges offering courses and national level online real estate education providers. Depending on which you prefer to choose will determine the cost, the national online providers will cost you around $350-$400 dollars for the classes with some offering additional content at higher price points such as exam pre prep, extra textbook materials, and options to bundle post licensing continuing education. The community college offerings, although most have online capabilities do run a little more expensive but still in the affordable range and start around $500 dollars and upward, if you are local to one of these and learn better in person taking this route is not a bad idea.


The other two costs associated with getting your license are an application fee which you will want to do even before you start your education and this will cost you $230 dollars directly to the state. The next cost is after you are done with your education you will need to take a proctored exam once you feel you are ready and comfortable to pass the test. This proctored exam is provided by a company called PSI and can be located at this web address PSI Online - One stop Solution for Test Takers (, as of this publication the cost is $75 dollars.


=That right there are the expenses that it will take to become a full fledged real estate broker in the state of Oregon, your $230 dollar state fee, your education that on the low end can range from $350-$500 dollars and the $75 dollar exam fee. So for as low as $655 dollars and the time commitment of 150 hours + 90 minutes of exam time you can start your new journey.


=Looking to get licensed in another state? Stay tuned for future blog posts as we expand our own continuing education products to various states.